Community development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people, with the skills they need to advocate on their own behalf and improve their lives, by providing technical assistance, resources, and information.  This key performance area will focus on the process of developing and supporting active and sustainable networks for the community based on social justice and mutual respect. 
The following will be the guiding principles of community development: 
•    Collaboration: Establish and foster partnerships that aim to achieve positive outcomes for the MSM community.  This will include developing networks between the community members. 
•    Capacity building – Support and strengthen individual community members to identify needs and develop solutions at a local level. This may involve advocacy, empowering people in action, education, awareness raising and distribution of resources. 
•    Equity: – Ensure that opportunities and resources available to the community are distributed in a just and equitable manner according to community needs and in some cases, set criteria. In addition, the right to access all Ishtar services and resources without discrimination. 
•    Responsiveness: – Identified needs of the community members will be met in a relevant and timely manner.
At the heart of community development as a KPA for Ishtar is a commitment to sustainable networks of social, physical and emotional support upon which HIV prevention interventions for the community will be built and delivered. Ishtar’s goal is to empower community with with resources, opportunities, knowledge and skills to advocate on their own behalf and improve their lives by applying a variety of approaches but not limited to:
•    Self help groups
•    Outreach, 
•    Local action groups,
•    Lobbying,
•    Peer network, 
•    Festivals and celebrity events, 
•    Information and advocacy, 
•    Network building and 
•    Community initiatives with small grants. 

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