Service delivery is a fundamental input to population health status, along with other factors, including social determinants of health. Ishtar-MSM strives to provide health services to MSM community as effectively and quickly as possible. Specifically, the main goal of service delivery at Ishtar is to provide effective, prompt, and appropriate health services including HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support services for MSM. 
The precise organization and content of health services to be delivered at the clinic will embrace the following key principles;
•    Comprehensive: A comprehensive range of health services is provided, appropriate to the needs of the target population, including preventative, curative, and supportive services and health promotion activities. This also includes the physical presence or delivery of services that meet a minimum standard.
•    Accessible: Services directly and permanently accessible with no undue barriers of cost, language, culture, or geography. 
•    Continuity: Service delivery is organized to provide an individual with continuity of care across the network of services and health conditions.
•    Quality: Health services are of high quality, i.e. they are effective, safe, centred on the patient’s needs and given in a timely fashion.
•    Client –centred: Services are organized on the person, not the disease or the financing. Users perceive health services to be responsive and acceptable to them. There is participation from the target population in service delivery design and assessment. Clients are partners in their own health care.

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