Advocacy Advocacy Advocacy

Ishtar-MSM recognizes that advocacy is an important strategy for creating environments that supports and promotes MSM health care rights focusing on the availability, safety and quality of care. Under this key strategic area, Ishtar aims to develop and implement locally generated advocacy initiatives to address the issues identified and, more broadly, to influence structural factors that impinge upon the ability of MSM to access HIV services and fulfill their human rights. Public communications campaigns that used media and targeted messaging on health through right based approach was used. This entailed an organized set of communication activities to generate public social desirability of equal access to universal health for MSM. They addressed the issues of stigma, discrimination, and creating awareness on the health needs of MSM. There was a great deal of ‘educational advocacy’ going on through MSM networks to ‘educate’ and ‘sensitize’ key stakeholders, including health care workers, religious leaders and the policy makers in different segments. As a result, many MSM-led groups report shifts in attitudes and responsiveness within health care facilities, among police, religious and cultural leaders, but primarily at community level in Nairobi.

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